Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hop Hop Hop

Here wishing you guys the best of luck in the final exams..
Persevere on.. A couple more days to go...
All your hard work will be paid off handsomely =))

<3 yenyoong and alison

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm loving it

where big mouth happens

where praying hard happens

where it doesn't work happens

where couple pics taken

where more couple pics taken

where EVEN MORE couple pics taken

where family pics taken

where showing off happens

where changing happens

where after changing happens

October 29th

where lame king happen


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happie 22nd Birthday on the 22nd!!!

Making a wish

and he blows the candles with much force

mission accomplished. He rejoiced.

peisuen looks farny. wonder what she's doing.hrm.
and yea, i do look constipated, i think.

Once again, happy birthday wei feng! =)

some humor

Friday, October 10, 2008

Greetings from UK-Scotland!!!

[ front portion of the postcard]

I need to let y'all read the "p/s' too. =p

Well, basically I'm the messenger to help collect suyin's bday gift as alie didn't have her address. And, in the envelope came this postcard.

See how much alison misses us! >.<

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Birthday boy uncle.


Oh serious already. No more playing around.

Haha. Maybe not.

After all the hard work and effort, finally.
But this look, looks like he didn't believe we were giving him a present nia.

Hmm cannot win 古天樂.
Try again, but don't force yourself if you still can't make it yeah. =p

Us. =)

Happy 22nd Birthday, Uncle Kai Lin!

Friday, September 26, 2008

suYin's 21st birthday!!!

Whoa, i finally blog by using john's account since i don't have one. SuYin, you must feel honoured k since this is my first post!!! First of all, the great night was started at Ichiban Sushi at IMM shopping centre where 5B-ians gathered there. Too bad there were some who are on SEP, miss you guys too...

Our miss Cuyin dressed up so nice for the night! So cute.

Group photo once suyin was there!! eh.. sarah was not there yet. Happy reunion after the holiday break. =)

Poor Suyin. kena sabo!! but it was really unexpected!! =p
P/S: Please don't eat it even though you are stressed k!

Don't let them sit together next time. Kacau la! haha..

Must go Ichiban sushi again k. They served meal with essence of chicken and supplement capsules for birthday guest? @.@

Birthday cake is here! Everyone was so full because James never inform us about the cake.

Make a wish and blow the candles..

Weifeng, are you sleepy? Sorry yea, but this photo is just nice. hehe..

Another group photo with Sarah that came all the way even though so tired and kena shoot by "those" people.

Ya Allah!! Time to pray? 5 times a day.. ohh yea, is a friday hor!! hahaha..
*sarah, i helped you to sabo him k*

lol.. Advertise for Levi's? All of us have a new Levi's jean. Lets wear it out for next time outing. =)

Birthday girl with all the guys.. grow taller ady? =P

Happy 21st Birthday to our ever cute SuYin.
Stay young and cute!

We hope that you enjoy this special day to the fullest! Wishing you all the happy and stressless days ahead k..

*Now i just realised it did really takes some time to blog! But still wish to read more new posts from you all k..*

by Yin Chau

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Marche (Vivo City)

We decided to head for Swiss!

Scrumptious meal we had for the night.

The ritual continues...

Cute~! =)

Oh, trying to steal the limelight?


The not-so-surprising-and-not-so-proper-yet-dramatic-greeting-card. Lol.

Have a wonderful birthday, Yin Chau!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Partial Reunion of 5B

On the faithful 19th day of the month July, 2008, the 5B-ians gathered at VivoCity before embarking on their journey to the Sentosa Island. Unfortunately, as some of the 5B-ians are still back at home, we did not manage to have a complete reunion.

Well, as pictures tell a thousand words, we shall let them paint the happenings of Sentosa 190708!

Family Pic... but Ryanana was missing.

Snap happy before the luge ride.

Paparazzi shot of an awesome threesome.

As usual, our very own oh-so-sexy model. But this time around was unable to snap a great shot of his sexy poses!

She ain't heavy, she's my girlfriend!

In the heat of the tropical jungle, grab a Coffee Bean Iced Latte and quench your thirst!


The dragon drools at the sight of us... How magical!

My singing-partner-in-crime and my Snow White!

Last but not least, the amazing butt that glows.
Chubby claimed that his butt had been enlightened just like Nabi Muhammad.

Not so great weather, but great companions... that's all that matters most!